Mission and Values


The church we envisage is a Christ-centered one, where we encounter God through His Word and Spirit and are transformed by the power of the Gospel. We are then free to demonstrate and declare God's Good News in all the communities that we serve.

As a local Church we value the preaching of God's Word and believe that the Grace of God communicated by the Holy Spirit through the Gospel message is the true means of real freedom, equipping and training for life and ministry.
As a local Church we value the importance of gathering together, to support, encourage and spur one another on towards love and good works.
As a local Church we value and enjoy diversity and varied means of expression, We seek to encourage gifts and ability regardless of gender and age.
As a local Church we seek to build bridges into the local community in order to communicate the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.
As a local Church we value everyone from the youngest to the oldest. We seek to be relevant to all, recognising all have something important to contribute to the body.

 Mwy o Gymraeg i ddod...Ymddiheuriadau...ar y gweill!